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Rent our vintage bridal range in three simple steps

About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

At Rose & Tonka, we want to help brides find and build their bridal wardrobe as sustainably and cost-effectively as possible. With outfits for events from engagement parties, bridal showers, hen dos, the 'I Dos' and the honeymoon, here at Rose & Tonka, we are committed to helping you show off your style on the most important days of your life. We pride ourselves on our curated vintage dress collection and personal styling service that allow us to offer you a truly unique experience and look!

Why Rent?

Wedding dresses are argued one of the least sustainable pieces you can buy and with over 200,000 weddings in the UK each year... that's a lot of gowns.

Its no secret that a big issue in the UK is excessive clothing consumption and renting helps reduce the bridal wear industry's impact on that figure. Less new dresses being bought means less new dresses being made, less excess materials ending up in landfill, and less dresses being worn once and living in a wardrobe until the end of time.

And that's without the massive price difference! Renting allows you to wear your dream dress at a fraction of the cost.

Browse & Book

Browse our dresses, get in touch about an at-home try on for the ones that interest you, and then book your favourite!

Wear it on Your Big Day!

The dress will arrived at your address all ready for you!

Send it back!

Pack it back in the box we sent it in and wait for the courier to pick it up from your designated address!

How Our Rentals Work

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